2023: Father Ugwu Condemns Mbaka Over Peter Obi Prophecy, Begs Nigerians To Ignore Him

2023: Father Ugwu Condemns Mbaka Over Peter Obi Prophecy, Begs Nigerians To Ignore Him

Catholic priest, Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu has reacted to an outburst by the founder of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Fr. Ejike Mbaka against Peter Obi.

Obi is the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

Mbaka, a fiery Enugu Catholic priest, had declared that Peter Obi cannot emerge as Nigerian President in 2023, saying the Labour Party candidate is too stingy.

Mbaka’s comment is currently generating reactions from the teaming supporters of Obi.

Reacting, Ugwu said Nigerians have tried people who shared money and they failed. He urged Nigerians to ignore Mbaka and vote for the right person.

I will keep saying this and I will not get tired of saying it. . . Let us FOCUS! Don’t allow anything to distract you.

In the past, we have listened to self-acclaimed prophets tell us who to vote. . .We tried them many times, but they landed us in purgatory. .  .This time around, we have decided not to follow prophecies. 

Was that not our agreement???

We tried tribe before, we tried religion too… but they landed us in Limbo.

We tried candidates that use to share money. . .we voted for those that will distribute oils, Maggi, indomie, and 1k before the camera… But it landed us in hell.

This time around, we have vowed never to listen to any self-acclaimed prophet and their prophecies. We are not saying prophecy is not good, but we are saying that the biggest prophecy from God on the 2023 election is for us to use our common senses which God himself gave us. 

For the reason why God gave us sense is so that we won’t be senseless.

We have vowed never to allow tribe or religion cause us to lose focus. We will vote for the best candidate this time.

Finally, we have also vowed not to give shishi when you don’t merit it. We will not bribe anybody. We will not be wasteful. Shishi you will not see unless we see the importance of the project to the masses.

Let’s trend #NoShishi


He added:


“Stingy Vs Prudent


It is important we make this clarification so that people don’t confuse the two.


Stingy: Someone who is mean and not generous.


Prudent: Acting with or showing care and thought for the future.


Sometimes, people use both words interchangeably because, in economic terms, they are semantically related.


But almost all the time, people use STINGY when they would have used PRUDENT. They do it deliberately because they know that the word “stingy” has a

more negative connotation. And in the register of religion, being prudent will be a virtue, while being stingy will be a vice.


Keeping politics aside, it is uncharitable to describe Peter Obi as a stingy person. He does not possess any attributes of a stingy person. I think he is rather

prudent and disciplined – such qualities are rare in our days and time. 


Note: Please, following what Peter Obi keeps saying to his supporters, let us not insult people in the name of promoting him.”

Author: Saint innocent

Head admin and content editor.

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