2023: Your Vote Is Your Power, Get Your PVCs Now – CAN to Christians

2023: Your Vote Is Your Power, Get Your PVCs Now – CAN to Christians


Christians in Nigeria have been told to get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).


The Niger state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said such a move will help in electing good leaders.


Most Rev. Bulus Yohanna, the Catholic Bishop of Kontagora and the state CAN Chairman, made the call on Monday, in Minna, during a democracy day message to the Christian faithful in the state.


Yohanna explained that registering with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to acquire the PVCs and coming out on election day to exercise their civic responsibility would determine who governs them.


“Beloved brethren in Christ Jesus, this is a clarion call on all of us, the 2023 general elections is around the corner and we are the determinants of who governs us in the next political dispensation.


“Remember that the final lap towards carrying out your civic duty as an electorate starts from getting your PVC so you can vote on election day.”


“As Christians, we must participate actively in politics, either as members of political parties or as electorate.I want to urge eligible Christians to get their PVCs to participate in the 2023 general elections,” he said.


The CAN Chairman stressed the importance of the ongoing continuous registration exercise by INEC and the need for the people to participate in the exercise to enable them vote candidates of their choice into power.


“It is necessary to vote into power those who can fix our roads, build hospitals, ensure our children get better education, provide security, all the basic amenities and then secure the future of the country,” he said.


He said that to avoid regrets in the future, adults of voting age in Nigeria must get their PVCs in preparation for the 2023 general elections.


He said: “Nigerians and indeed Christians must not sit on the fence, we must all participate actively in the nation’s electoral process. I urge you all to avoid statements such as votes do not count.”


“If votes don’t count, politicians won’t bribe or pay people to vote for them.When people say they are not interested in getting the PVCs because they are not sure if hired thugs would not disrupt the election.”


“That they are not sure the security situation in the country would allow for any election in 2023, or that the elections would be rigged. I will just say to you go and get your PVC. For everybody that gives such excuses, I want to tell you that none of such excuses is enough to justify not having the PVC. If we continue looking backward, we would not make the desired progress.”


The Bishop urged Nigerians to arm themselves with their PVCs to determine their future, saying that, “your vote is your power.”


He called on INEC to publish centres for the collection of PVCs to enable those who had registered online to pick up their cards.


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