6 Ugly Truths About Life You Should Know

Ugly Truths You Should Know


As a human, there are some ugly truths about life that you should know. However, we have compiled six (6) of the very important things in this article written by Erickson.

Ugly Truths About Life

There is more to life than many of us think. Certain truths about life are quite ugly and painful but many of us don’t realize how ugly they are until something painful or sudden hits us. If you are the type of person that believes life is a platter of gold, I will suggest you have a rethink.

Life is difficult and also frustrating, the terrible things we actually encounter on a daily basis are nothing but the general, ugly truths about life. Sadly, if you must do well on earth, you must know these general truths, they are very important and literally handle the affairs of people in the world. I guess nature just put things that way to make sure nobody relaxes here.

1. Have a rare mixture of meanness and humility

The more humble you are, the farther happiness will be from you. This is nothing but an ugly fact/truth about life, sometimes being humble doesn’t pay off at all, what pays off in this wicked world we are in, is meanness and also ability to separate being humble and being a weakling.

2. Be mindful of giving second chance

Sometimes giving someone a second chance means giving them another bullet to finish the job they couldn’t complete initially. This means that, you shouldn’t give everyone that hurts you a second chance, some people are best far away from you because if given another chance will still stab you in the back again.

3. Celebrate important people in your lives when they are alive

Most times we don’t just lose a good person in our lives. We lose the person and then realize the person’s worth in our lives after they are gone. This is a sad reality and it pains me to know or remember sometimes.

4. Mastermind secrecy, not everybody truly cares

It’s better you keep your problems to yourself because when you open up to people, 20% of the time, they actually care about you but 80% of the time, they are glad you have the problems. I am certain this self explanatory, it means not everyone you tell your problem actually cares, some will even rejoice that you have such problems.

5. Life is not fair

Life is generally not fair most of the time. This is because some wicked souls live a good life while kind hearted and caring people suffer. So life is generally not fair in anyway.

6. Always aspire to win

The only time people notice you is when you fail. If you are prospering and flourishing, most times people won’t notice you but you will become super famous and known only when you fail at something very huge and significant.


These truths about life are not only ugly but also sadly factual. Share to friends to educate them if you found this article “Ugly Truths About Life”  useful. Thanks.

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