Biography Of Havivah; Songs, Early Life, Schools Attended And More


Havivah Umanah is a talented Nigeria Gospel Music Minister, Anointed Vocalist, Recording Artist, Song Writer and Wife.

Her birth date was 25th December, within Nigeria’s Eastern portion of Nigeria in Anambra state. Havivah studied Public Administration at the University of Abuja. She started singing at a very early stage. As a teen Chorister, she performed as a lead vocal during her participation in the Annual Chorus Competition. Havivah sings all of her songs by Revelation as The Word from God. She is gifted with the wisdom of God and revelation and is a powerful motivational speaker and counselor. Her powerful lyrics are composed of songs that heal the sick, transform lives, and heal broken hearts of souls. Havivah is a lover of God, a gem with a unique and authentic character. Her songs are infused with deep thinking and will stay with you. She opens her heart and sings from a place of deep love and takes immense pleasure in worshipping God.

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Havivah is entrusted with great joy to spread the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST through songs to the entire world for the glory of God the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. Havivah has also produced several hits and hot Gospel tracks in music. She has more than 10-videos on YouTube and has a lot of songs available on all the digital stores.

In 2018, Havivah released her first album entitled David’s Praise. The songs are beautiful gospel tunes that touch lives. In 2019, Havivah also created a new album called “My Connection,” The album became a hit in various stores and radio stations across Nigeria and other countries. Havivah continued to work by God’s grace GOD and released a new album in 2021. She titled it “The King’s Food” album. The album and the album have been selling since then and have gained hundreds of streams and played on all music platforms.

Havivah is awed by the joy of praise and worship of GOD, and that is why Havivah worked tirelessly and created new tunes and melodies to God, our LORD, and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ.

Havivah has also released new singles, including the settled trillions, tongue, and glory. She is Adazion Records’ in-house producer and singer.

In 2022, the much-anticipated album entitled “Established album” will be released across every music-selling platform across the globe. This album has gained a lot of downloads and streams across all platforms.

Additionally, Havivah has many recorded and unrecorded tracks in the studio, which are scheduled to drop soon for fans to enjoy.

Keep an eye on Havivah’s songs and follow her on her various social media channels to learn more about Havivah and her music career.

Connect with Havivah on her social pages

Instagram: @iamhavivah

Facebook: @havivahofficial

Twitter: @iamhavivah






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