Christian Bale Reveals The Dark Knight Trilogy Prop He Took Home

Christian Bale talks about which props from The Dark Knight trilogy he got to keep. Christopher Nolan’s 2005 movie Batman Begins was the first time people saw Christian Bale play the famous character. It showed Bruce Wayne and Batman in a more realistic way than ever before. The Dark Knight, which came out in 2008, and The Dark Knight Rises, which came out in 2012, were both sequels to the successful movie. Many people think that The Dark Knight is one of the best comic book movies ever made.

In Bale’s The Dark Knight trilogy, Gotham City was mostly filmed in Chicago, which gave the city a more realistic and less stylized look. Along with the more realistic setting, Batman’s gadgets and vehicles were also toned down a lot from what Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher had done with the character. The Batmobile that Bale’s Batman drove was a military vehicle that looked like a tank, and many of his gadgets, like the famous grapple gun, were based on real-world technology. Even the Batsuit from The Dark Knight has been simplified and made more tactical, with materials like carbon fiber, military-grade Kevlar, and “Memory Cloth” for the cape.
In a new interview with Comicbook, Bale talks about what props he brought home from his roles in different comic book movies. Bale kept some Batman masks and the sword that Gorr the God Butcher used in Thor: Love and Thunder. He doesn’t show off the items, though, and says that he keeps them in “very quiet corners” of his home. See what Bale said in full below:

“I have the sword, as you may know. That’s not too bad. I also have the Batman cowls, so my collection isn’t too bad, is it?

I do keep it private. I don’t want my house to be full of movie stuff, so I put it in very quiet places.”

As far as props for The Dark Knight go, a few cowls is a nice haul. They are a unique part of Batman’s costume, and most people would like to have at least one for their own collection. It’s not clear how many Bale has on display in his home, but the item goes through a few small changes throughout the trilogy. At one point in The Dark Knight, Bale’s character goes to Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to ask for changes to the cowl’s neck area so that he can turn his head more.

Actors often keep props from the movies they’ve worked on. Chris Hemsworth has said that he kept the Thor’s hammer prop, and Ben Affleck stole a Batarang prop from Justice League. For many fans, Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy is still the best way to see the Caped Crusader on screen. This is mostly because the world and props have a unique, grounded look. Even though the cowls are great props to keep, Bale should have been able to take the Batcycle home.

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