About Us

Welcome to this page, you are not at the cinemas but we advise you to get some popcorns as we take you on a very short journey about DailyPlug.


DailyPlugNG is a household platform where we disseminate all round entertainment, sports, edutorial and general news worldwide for human interest. Our target is to meet people’s quest for new undiluted news, widen their knowledge based on some commanding topics (Relationship, Health, Career, Tech, etc) and plug them right for sport related headlines, particularly football.

The brand has been running as a media house and entertainment plug since 2014 but launched her website, DailyPlug on 6th January, 2021 by her multi talented music artist, web developer and media guru, Bob Blinkzy.

We are a brand that respect what other people think, do or how they want to be presented. However, we detest defamation. In lieu of this, if you as an individual or organization found any copyright infringement on this website kindly navigate to the Contact Us page and immediately draw our attention to the publication. All contact form and other sensitive details about you are perfectly secured and encrypted, you can read more about it on our Privacy Policy page.

Thank you for opting to check this page. Obviously you can get to know  much more about dailyplug, all you need to do is contact us on the Contact Us page and follow our social media handles.