‘Date from hell’ – Toke makinwa recounts first dating experience

‘Date from hell’ – Were the interesting caption of media personality and reality TV star Toke makinwa as she narrates her ordeal as to her first dating experience.

The media personality who also happens to be a television host as well as a vlogger shared some interesting revelation on her first date experience which she described as hellish.

In her words, her first date experience was more of a date from hell of which she noted that at a point in time she got so fed up with him that she had to text her friend to ‘fake call her’,.


In her words, “First date and I’ve heard how Dangote is your best friend 100 times 😂😂😂😂😂 God Abeg O”

“POV: Me texting my friend to fake call me yo rescue me from a date to hell” she shared

Author: Saint innocent

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