‘Good looking men turn me on’ – Opeyemi Adetunji

‘Good looking men turn me on’ – were the revelation of Nollywood actress Opeyemi Adetunji as she shares to the amazement of her fans and follower’s.

Originally known by the name Opeyemi Arike Adetunji, the actress who was popularly known for her role played in the movie Omo Alhaja 2, Omo Ijoba, opened up on her expectations in a relationship.

In her words, “Despite being in the movie industry where a lot happen, I can’t date or have anything to do with every woman’s man. It is a total turn off for me. I love men who are intelligent and good-looking”


“And yes, I can date a younger lover. There’s nothing wrong in marrying one who is younger than i am, after-all, age is nothing but a number”


“As long as the feeling is mutual. My happiness and that of my lover is key. I don’t care what people have to say,” she shared.

Author: Saint innocent

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