How To Smell Nice And Steps To Prevent Body Odour

Smell nice

How you smell is one great factor of how you will be addressed. Either in a public gathering, in a private meeting or to that young chap you had long admired. This article covers basic guide on how to smell nice, get your popcorn.


How to smell nice


The way some people smell can make your brain go back to factory settings. I’ve had to deal with situations or be in an environment where a particular person or some persons don’t even care about their personal hygiene. I’m sure we’ve all had that kind of experience.

Trust me it isn’t always funny whenever you find yourself in this kind of situation cos you may not be able to think about anything else other than figuring how to escape. You’re lucky if you don’t perceive offensive odour like me, I mean, I can perceive the slightest smell.

Prevents body odour

Most of the time, the people who smell terribly don’t know they do and that’s scary tbvh. Like you don’t know why people don’t want to sit around you well, except someone is honest enough to tell you and that’s kinda rare cos nobody wants to be the reason why someone’s sad so most people would rather choose to ignore so you probably stink- except if you’re intentional about smelling nice.

Being intentional about your personal hygiene especially your smell is one of the greatest self care you can spoil yourself with. Imagine entering into a place filled with people and everyone turns to see where that amazing smell is coming from and they all want to talk to you and hug you. You can snap out of that imagination now before you drool.

The advantages and importance of smelling nice cannot be overemphasized. A person who smells nice commands more respect and is admired more than a person who has a foul smell or someone who has a bland smell.

Good smell make people trust your judgement on important matters. It really can open doors for you. Having a nice smell goes beyond spraying perfume on your body cos you can spray a bottle of perfume on your body and end up smelling like a trash can if proper measures are not taken. So don’t think when you get yourself body sprays and perfumes, you’ve conquered foul smell.

How often do you take your bath? Once per week or thrice in a month? Are you the type that waits until you start perceiving foul smell oozing out of your body before taking a bath? All you do is spray perfume and go out. Or do you just let the fan dry out your sweat after long hours of working instead of having a proper bath? If you fall under any of these categories, you most likely stink and you probably don’t know.

You just have to decide and be intentional about your personal hygiene. You shouldn’t have any problem doing that because it has a lot to do with your personality, how do you want to be seen and thought of? What impression do you want people to have of you? If you really consider these things, you would take extra care. I’ll share few tips for those who have repented and have been converted by my hygiene gospel. Congratulations to you as you’re about to become the sweetest and nicest smelling person in town. Let me take you on a journey of few helpful guides to propel you on how to smell nice:

Bath routine: The first thing to change is your bath routine. For starters, I recommend spending more time in the bathroom. Get a good bathing soap because I’m aware of the fact that some people are so nonchalant to the extent that they use detergent to bathe. Shave your pubic hair and wash every part of your body with a SPONGE. Don’t rinse your body, wash or scrub your body with a sponge. Have your bath at least twice a day.

Clean clothes: Another important thing to do is keeping clean clothes. For starters, don’t repeat unwashed clothes. Wear clean clothes and underwears only. You don’t want germs on your clean body right?

Body cream: Also use a good body cream in order to make your skin glow and lively. You can check out some beauty shops in your environment or visit a dermatologist if your skin is sensitive.

Use deodorants: Roll on, body sprays and perfumes are necessary if you want to smell really good. There are different types of deodorants so you might need to look out for the best one for you. For instance, if you sweat a lot, you should go for an anti-perspirant. Perfume oils are great too! You just need to apply it on your pulse areas and you’re good to go. Avoid applying too much on your body though cause you need to let your skin breathe.

Clean hair: Make sure you wash your hair regularly to avoid terrible smell. A good trick is to spray perfume on your hairbrush before brushing your hair.

Wear clean shoes: It’s possible to do all the things I’ve mentioned and still have a bad smell. Have you checked your shoes? Do you sun dry your shoes? If you don’t, you might offend people whenever you remove your shoes in public. Get a shoe spray if sun dry doesn’t really help you.

Diet: Eat healthy food and drink lots of water. It has been proven that some foul smell come from within and having a healthy diet can help reduce it. Take more of fresh food, fruits and clean water.


Thank you for reading this far. However, if these basic tips did not help you, you may need to see a doctor to get a medical attention.


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