“I am not the first person to have a leaked tape” James Brown

“I am not the first person to have a leaked tape” were the angry rant of popular Nigerian cross dresser James Brown as he talks in issues relating to his leaked sex tape and his mental health.

According to the cross dresser, he isn’t the first person to have a leaked tape and he has to own up to it since he isn’t the first celebrity to do such.

In his words, “My s*x tape leaked out there in public. How do I feel? I feel devastated, fell like shit and feel so bad. I feel like why did this happen to me?”

“I don’t know who leaked it but I know that
people hate me and are jealous of who I have become. I am 23 years old and people are coming for me”

“I don’t know how the video leaked, who leaked it, But God will judge them. I own up to it. Yes I am the one in the tape, yes it happened. What should I do?” He added.

Author: Saint innocent

Head admin and content editor.

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