If Your Relationship Or Marriage Is Failing, Here Are The Things You Need To Do To Rekindle The Love

The things to do to rekindle the love
It can be really sad and frustrating to see the person who was once head over heels in love with you grow cold for some reasons we have no idea of or not growing out of love with someone we were once crazy about. Whenever you feel this way, divorce or separation is not always the best option. You must understand that you need to try to reignite – see the things to do to rekindle love on this post.


Things to do to rekindle love


In this write up, I’ll talk to both genders – separately in order to be clear on their duties and I hope you find this write up “things to do rekindle love” useful.

Before you enter into that marriage, here are few questions directed at you, then we can discuss things to do to rekindle love right after.

  • Have you taken your time to seek God’s opinion?
  • Have you taken your time to watch that guy or lady you’re about to go to the alter with? Or are you ignoring the red flags and consoling yourself that they don’t really mean it?
  • Have you discussed on how you want your family to look like and what it would stand for or the aso ebi you want to pick is much more important?
  • Before you say “yes, I do”, have you learnt the art of sticking to one person or you think the spirit of being faithful will automatically come upon you once you get married? Are you confident and ready to stay with your partner and forsake ALL OTHERS or you don’t mind your home scattering on the grounds that you still have your eyes on other people.
  • Ladies, are you ready to be SUBMISSIVE or you have made up your mind and have allowed friends and misinformed feminists to encourage you to show your husband pepper. To you, your husband MUST cook and clean because you’re not his slave abi? Okay o

I have said it and will still say it again that FEMINISM WILL NEVER WORK IN A HOME. It’s another thing that you deserve respect and care as a wife but that doesn’t displace your husband from being your head and leader.

If you’re a feminist like me, you should know that feminism seeks for equal representation and opportunities and not placing the female gender over the male gender. Whatever you believe outside this information is false.

A Christian home has an order that can’t be argued – the man as the head and the woman as the helpmeet.

1Peter 3:1-2 says “Wives, in the same way, be submissive to your husbands so that if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over by the behaviour of their wives ²when they see the purity and reverence of your lives”.

Save Failing Marriage

God has placed the man over you and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you want to assume the role of a wife, you must be ready to be submissive. You must be ready to take instructions. However, this kind of submission is not the one that you’ll be suffering and smiling o. Not the one that you’ll submit to depression o.

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MEN, that your wife has been instructed to submit and obey you doesn’t mean you should now become a dictator- someone people will be scared to look at his face or a violent person. You’re not an animal now uncle, e gbe agbara sile.

You’re not allowed to torment your wife if you want your prayers to be answered. It’s not a curse. Check 1peter 3:7. ” HUSBANDS, IN THE SAME WAY be considerate as you live with your wives AND TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT as the weaker partner and AS HEIRS WITH YOU of the gracious gift of life, SO THAT NOTHING WILL HINDER YOUR PRAYERS”.

Single guys, if you have not grown to the level of being considerate please don’t get married because it’s in the Bible that your prayers will not be answered. Don’t throw someone’s daughter into a dark pit. Some of you will say your wife MUST not work when you know she has passion for something. If you’re that kind of person, say to yourself that as you’re doing like this your prayers will not be answered.

You shouldn’t cut off her dreams. If you’re insecure, that is your own personal problem and that’s not being a man. Yes, you both can compromise and that means you have discussed.

Husbands, you’re not God. Just let that sink. Your wife is the weaker partner because she has been instructed to obey you- she’s helpless already, why torment her by cheating, beating, forcing and draining her.

The things to do to rekindle the love

Some husbands talk to their wives like they are beggars, even in public. Some men have never taken their wives out to enjoy before. Some even go as far as starving their wives. They will make their wives full housewives not because they don’t want her to stress herself but because they want to dominate her life. Whenever she offends, they withdraw financial support.

Some even beat their wives, some bring other women into the house, some stop having performing marital duties, some even punish the children with the wife. If you do any of this things, your prayers cannot and will not be answered unless you change. You’re a demon- low budget demon.

Your wife is the weaker partner and as a wise man, you’d strengthen her. You would discuss her dreams and support her. Make her feel powerful but be in charge. Let her live and enjoy life. Don’t be the reason why her health is deteriorating.

Love and pamper your wife because she’s your first child- technically🙈 Treat her like a daughter and lover.


And Wives, to enjoy this treatment, you have to show that you’re worth it. You can’t be nagging, disobedient, unsubmissive, unfaithful, untrustworthy and expect him to pamper you. If you’re unwise, he has the right to withhold the Queen’s treatment because you’re not a queen.


Please ask God to guide you and be ready to take instructions from him- whether you’re single or married.

When praying for a life partner, learn to be patient. Learn to wait and hear.

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Don’t just pray and go ahead and then say God knows about it. Pray and wait for confirmation. The guy has asked you out ok. Go on your knees and ask God to reveal who the man is to you and if he’s good for you.

However, while waiting, don’t stop communicating with him because you won’t hear anything. That is what most churches don’t know.

Establish a reasonable level of friendship with him, go on dates with him, ask questions and answer questions too and always report back to God in prayer. It’s one of the most important things to do to rekindle love

God speaks in different ways sisters, you don’t have to wait for a silent whisper in your ears. It could be through the peace you feel around him, dream, the way he behaves. Trust me, if you involve God, no matter how a guy hides his true nature, one day you’ll get to know. It might even be through a text message. But please do not ignore the signs when you get them.

After getting the first confirmation, ask for re-confirmation anyhow you want it. For example, you can ask him to reveal again through dreams or through anyone before the end of the week. DEPENDING ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.

And this boils down to you knowing and having a personal relationship with your God. Being a committed worker in church doesn’t mean you’re close to God if you don’t commune with him.

Married men, plan a get away with YOUR WIFE one of the weekends this year. If you can afford to get away for a week, no problem. It’s part of the things to do to rekindle love. Drop off your kids at a family’s or friends house and gboju. Let them cry, they will stop.

Check into a nice hotel and have fun like never before. Remind her of how you met and how beautiful she still is. Go to a spa and be pampered together, follow her to a salon to get her hair done, go see a movie or play children games. Buy the kind of clothes you want for her, let her feel sexy around you.”Devour” her at any given time and you better make it a great one.

Why will you be going in circles for months or years uncle. Stop repeating the same trend. Marriage shouldn’t be boring.

Order something nice, watch her smile and see if you won’t be happy. Treat her well and see the sweetest part of her, see if she doesn’t know how to pound yam or become a porn star for you 😂


CONCLUSION: A sad wife will never make you happy. A side chick will never see you as a husband – na ATM you be except if you want to be whining yourself o. Go back home and make your wife happy.


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