‘It’s understandable if you sleep around for financial gains’ – Chioma Ifemeludike

‘It’s understandable if you sleep around for financial gains’ – were the words of controversial actress Chioma Ifemeludike as she voices her opinion on the Pastor Sulaiman Saga.


According to the actress, she is not in support of those who sleep around just to satisfy their urge and fantasies but rather for financial gains.

In her words, “It’s disloyal to proclaim love to your partner and continue to have intimate
affairs with other people, I mean what’s even the idea? Why the insatiable desire to taste every thing and everyone that omes across? Is there a certificate or rewards that come
with it?”


“Sometimes it even makes more sense if someone is in a financial situation and goes that route (still not a good ideaa) but it’s understandable than a situation where someone sleeps around for no reason other than an insatiable desire to have carnal knowledge of countless partners”


“and this disgusting and filthy lifestyle is found amongst African men especially Nigerian men. If you no longer connect with your partner intimately please let them know, stop exposing innocent women and children to danger.” she shared

Author: Saint innocent

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