Love is rare these days – Fireboy DML says

Love is rare these days – were the cryptic message of Fireboy DML as he put across on his twitter handle.

According to the Nigerian singer who is originally known by the name Adedamola Adefolahan, he voices out that it is rare to find true love in this present time and day but rather loyalty

In his tweet “Love is rare these days; look
out for loyalty instead”.

Netizens Reactions

@wizardsof_odds : Someone who truly loves you will be loyal to you. I will choose to look out for love instead. If someone claims to love you without being loyal to you then they never truly loved you in the first place. Loyalty is one of the Characteristics of true love.

@oyelobentus: Love and loyalty are not infinite, every person has a weak and needy part of their soul that can be bought, every individual also has a part of their soul that is resilient and can never be bought. It is only a question of which one is stronger at a particular point in time. As season changes so love, loyalty and beauty fades. Las las na breakfast and betrayal.

@zamosings: But does loyalty exist without love? If it’s inspired by fear, is it really Loyalty?

@iwobi : These are things you can’t understand. No worry you go grow one day.

@oluwashezzi: Loyalty is rare, people don’t stay loyal topeople they don’t love and loyalty that hasn’t seen money can’t be trusted .

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