Man Caught Trying To Poison Friend’s Drink At A Restaurant | WATCH

An unidentified young man has been arrested for allegedly attempting to murder his friend in the most devious way possible, leaving no evidence of murder.

A shocking video circulating on social media suggests that the man in question attempted to poison his own friend for reasons unknown.

The incident occurred at a Nigerian restaurant where the man and his friend had gone to get food and drinks.

According to reports, the man allegedly laced his friend’s bottle of Coca Cola with a toxic substance moments after leaving the table to use the restroom.

However, luck was on his side when he was spotted by another customer at the restaurant, who immediately intervened to foil his evil and wicked plan.

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The suspected assassin, who sat on the floor, was shown begging for forgiveness from his captors after being forced to taste his own medicine in the viral video.

This news comes just days after Nigerian Tiktoker Oscar was allegedly poisoned to death by an unidentified friend.

It was his second poisoning attempt. He was reported to have died on May 23 in Asaba, Delta State.

Many people have taken away valuable lessons from Oscar’s death.

This new video should solidify your decision not to trust anyone.

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