Man Kills His Wife After Accusing Her Of Sleeping With Different Men

Man Kills His Wife After Accusing Her Of Sleeping With Different Men


A mother of five has been killed by her husband.


According to the Police in Kenya, the man was arrested for killing his 33-year-old wife after suspecting that she was having an affair with another man.


Nur Ibrahim, a mother of five was allegedly killed by Muradh Awadh, a long-distance truck driver on Sunday morning June 10, after he arrived at their home in Kilifi county, Kenya from Sudan.


Nur’s sister, Swalta Hassan said an argument ensued shortly after Awadh arrived at his house. He reportedly accused his wife of having an affair with an unknown man.


Hassan said; 

“My sister had filed for divorce and the man had threatened her that she would not leave him while alive and his threats have come to be after he butchered her in cold blood as their kids watched in shock with the eldest aged 11 years trying to stop the fight.”


County sub-county police commander, Mohammed Wako Ali confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect has been arrested.


Ali further urged members of the public, to find better ways of solving marital problems in order to avoid similar cases.


He said; 

“Detectives have since arrested the suspect who is currently under police custody awaiting to be arraigned in court tomorrow.

“Let us encourage members of the public to learn how to solve marital issues peacefully, part ways if things are not working.”

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