‘Men are all after me because of my backside’ – Mary John

‘Men are all after me because of my bqckside’ – were the shocking revelation of celebrity Mary John as she shares her shocking experience of what she passes through in the hands of men on a daily basis.

The celebrity who also happens to be one of the fast rising Nollywood actress noted that one of her challenges as a plus sized beautiful lady happens to be a series of embarrassments, especially from men.


According to her, “For the kind of body I have, men are always all over me but due to determination and the drive I have, I also know what I want, so i just wave out all the temptations”


“In fact, many were coming for the body not because they are in love with me. However, as an experienced woman, I know what I wanted and I stood my ground”


“I have had several embarrassing encounters. The recent one was when I was working on the road and people starting taking pictures of my bum bum”


“They were screaming and making different sounds, but I am already used to such, it didn’t move me. Even on social media, I get All sorts of nasty comments and DMs from men,” she shared

Author: Saint innocent

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