National Assembly Workers Suspend Strike

National Assembly Workers Suspend Strike


A strike action by National Assembly workers has been suspended.


The workers under the auspices of Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria suspended their strike action on Tuesday.


Recall that the workers had embarked on the strike action last Monday, thereby crippling activities at the National Assembly for a week.


The Chairman, PASAN, National Assembly chapter, Sunday Sabiyi, who addressed the members at the gate on Tuesday said the strike would be suspended till further notice.


He said, “Our National President has spoken and we have heard, they said by July, we would get approval and complete the implementation and the allowances would be paid by the end of June.

“The Senate President said after the allowances have been paid by June ending, he would call for a town hall meeting. If he doesn’t call for the town hall meeting, we will call for another strike action.

“For this reason, we have suspended the strike action for now. So, everybody should go and rest, have your bathe and resume the day’s activities.”


Author: Saint innocent

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