Never Publicly Take Sides Against Your Family – Reno Omokri

Never Publicly Take Sides Against Your Family – Reno Omokri


A former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has warned that taking sides against family members in public is wrong.


He stated this in a Twitter post.


According to him, the best thing to do when a family member does something wrong in public is to support the person, then scold them in private.


The post that he made reads;


“Never publicly take sides against your family. If your brother is stupid, defend him as someone wise in public. But when you are alone, discipline him and call him an idiot to his face. As far as family is concerned you praise publicly and rebuke very privately!”



Some reactions:


@macburnertunes – That’s is called a family secret, else if you do the discipline publicly your family will also loose their respect in public.


@Oliver12464989 – Then y do u always call.out Nigerians that attack ur tweeps,if they are family y not dm dem that openly rebuking dem


@AnebiAdiyono – Na this kind of thing spoil the world today So if your brother is an arm rubber, you praise him publicly and shout at him secretly Me I won’t even have anything to do with him before it will get to the point where I need to praise him publicly

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