Shooting: Insecure Idiot Forming Gangsta Wannabe – David Hundeyin Blasts Burna Boy

Shooting: Insecure Idiot Forming Gangsta Wannabe - David Hundeyin Blasts Burna Boy


Nigerian musician, Burna Boy has been described as a wannabe gangster.


Investigative journalist David Hundeyin used the term for the singer while blasting him for the alleged shooting a married man at a club in Lagos State.


Recall that we had reported how a man identified as Iregbami Lawrence, was reportedly hit by a bullet in the thigh and the other victim was grazed by the bullet after Burna’s police shot the man inside a club.


Burna had tried to woo the man’s wife but was told off, instead of taking it like a man, he decided to fight the man.


In the commotion, the police officer shot two persons.


They were later rushed to Navy hospital for treatment, while the officers were arrested.


However, it was also reported that while the shooting was going on, Burna was laughing at the victims.


Reacting to the story, Hundeyin wrote:


I’m sure if you take @burnaboy’s security away and put him in the same room with the actual kind of gangsta he’s always roleplaying, he will wet himself.

Insecure idiot that went to Corona School but is out here waving guns and acting like the hardman he absolutely is not.

Foolish child that went to the same school with Yemi Osinbajo but is out here forming Port Harcourt street boy and laughing while his security shoots innocent people just minding their business.

One day that street you love to roleplay so much will catch you. One day.

Which nonsense PH boy vibe? This òdè that was classroom olodo at Corona School? Born and raised in Lagos. Spoiled brat!


Author: Saint innocent

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