Three (3) Simple And Effective Ways To Cure and Prevent Quick Discharge

Ways to cure and prevent quick discharge

Ways to cure and prevent quick discharge

Asides wealth and being a cheerful giver, your sexual capabilities is a key factor in keeping a honest relationship with your spouse or girlfriend as a man. In a case where you are quick to discharge, you may be risking a whole lots if you do not pay close attention. This article contains simple ways to cure and prevent quick discharge.

Premature ejaculation or quick discharge is one of the things that may ward your partners away. It happens when a manhood discharged semen before you or your partner would have wanted to during love making. It is understood that men with premature ejaculation orgasm within 1 or 2 minutes  and are always unable to hold or delay ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is commonly caused by anxiety, stress or frustration and individual affected may be summoned to avoid mating as a result. Read further to know everything about quick discharge. To avoid this, I will discuss with you about some cheap ways, diet and ration which you can practice probably everyday or before mating with your partner.


  • Use of anesthetic creams – Many topical creams contain numbing agent which serves sexual enhancement and they can help treat premature discharge. Though, anesthetic creams are efficient in elongating semen discharge but they may also leave some side effects like body pain, decreased libido and temporary loss of sensitivity in your body.
  • Use of climax control condoms – Unlike other normal condoms, climax control are made up of very thick latex material that contains numbing agent which are meant to delay semen discharge.
  • By eating zinc-rich foods – Zinc is an important mineral that has many functions for human body. Among all, it helps boost libido and delay ejaculation time. An adage says “Too much of everything is bad”, this is the case when you take too much of zinc, it may cause you to vomit or have a metallic taste in your mouth. So take not more than 11 milligrams of zinc per day (as recommended) for a significant improvement of your discharge and to avoid zinc complications.

In addition to foods rich in zinc, take magnesium into consideration too. The following are foods rich in both zinc and magnesium:

Spinach, yoghurt, almonds, chickpeas, oysters, wheat, garlic, peas, beef and lamb.

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