Ultraman & Avengers Unite as Marvel Universe Faces Historic Kaiju Invasion

When fearsome kaiju attack, only the combined might of the Avengers and Ultraman can rescue the day, resulting in an epic team up for the Marvel Universe.

The mighty Ultra beings are a highly developed species that come from a civilization that is millions of lightyears from Earth and are committed to defending justice throughout the galaxy. Ultraman, one of the most notorious tokusatsu properties, has an enduring following and has made appearances in television programs, motion pictures, video games, and comic books. The superhero Ultraman joined Marvel Comics with the miniseries The Rise of Ultraman after brief runs with Harvey Comics and Dark Horse. The Trials of Ultraman and the impending The Mystery of Ultraseven were two follow-up series to Ultraman’s initial series under the Marvel label. Despite being published by Marvel, Ultraman and his comrades have not yet interacted with any of the company’s well-known heroes.
But all of that is about to change, according to an exciting new statement. The co-author of the Ultraman novels for Marvel, Mat Groom, announced that the Ultraman property would be merging with the Marvel universe in an exciting event at the Super Anime Convention in Los Angeles. Despite the lack of specifics regarding the series, it is known that Ultraman and the biggest heroes from Marvel Comics will be engaged in combat together.Groom also took to his Twitter account to relay his excitement for the upcoming series, saying “That’s right, we’re bringing you the team-up you never knew you needed— Carol Danvers and Ultraman Taro!“.

A sneak peek at the series’ art has been made public while fans wait to learn what the creative team has planned for the crossover. As Ultraman, Ultraman Taro, and Ultraseven watch, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man engage in combat with a fire-breathing Kaiju.

This information should delight all fans even with just a cover. The first crossover between Ultraman and Marvel Comics is here. Even if the comic book publisher is used to working with unlikely partners, it’s nevertheless interesting to watch heroes like Iron Man and Captain Marvel engaging with other well-known figures. The Avengers and Ultraman joining forces isn’t just excellent news for fans of both brands; it also bodes well for the future of Marvel’s licensed comics.

Marvel Comics publishes a lot of publications based on characters they have the licenses to, in addition to their famous heroes like Spider-Man or the X-Men. In addition to Ultraman, Marvel has released Alien and Predator comics, which have contributed to the growth of several cherished horror and sci-fi series. Since Conan is a part of the Savage Avengers series, they were in a difficult situation when they suddenly lost the rights to the Conan the Barbarian titles they were publishing. But it seems like Marvel and the cherished franchise of Tsuburaya Productions are getting along just fine. This might be the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Ultraman and Marvel’s Avengers with this upcoming crossover.


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