We won’t promise a steady supply of oil products anymore, says IPMAN South-East.

They said that they couldn’t keep selling petroleum products after they ran out of what they had on hand.

A NAN reporter who kept an eye on the supply of premium motor spirit, which most people call gasoline, in Awka says that most places now sell it for between N180 and N195 per litre.

Also, a liter of Automotive Gas Oil costs between N850 and N900.

A marketer, Mr. Emeka Nnoli, said that they were giving up a lot to make sure the product was available at the pump price set by the government.

Nnoli said that they could no longer buy products at the NNPC depots at the ex-depot price.

He said that they now get their goods from private depots, which charge a lot for them.

He also said that the price of transportation had gone through the roof.

He says that marketers have been owed millions of naira in oil price differences for a few years now.

“It is no longer possible for us to keep the prices of goods in the zone at what they are now.

“As we speak, the price of gasoline ex-depot is about N168 per liter, plus over N15 per liter for shipping, which comes with all the risk.

“You can see that it makes no sense to sell for less than N200.

“The Federal Government has left private depot owners in charge of marketers.

“The only reason we’re making this sacrifice is to keep our people safe,” Nnoli said.

Also, another marketer who asked to remain anonymous said that getting products in Lagos is hard, so the Southeast may soon run out of products.

The marketer said that if nothing was done to fix the problem, the costs of running the business, such as transportation and electricity, could cause pump prices to go up.

“Who are we to not complain if our colleagues in Lagos, who are at the source of procurement, can complain?

“Right now, we’re trying to protect our people from the bad effects of this bad change,” he said.

Mr. Chinedu Anyaso, who is the Chairman of IPMAN at Enugu Depot and is in charge of Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu, said, “Marketers can’t lose their trading capital because they want to control prices they don’t have any control over.

Anyaso told the members to sell the goods for what they were worth, without taking advantage of the people or hurting themselves.

He said that the owners of tank farms had made themselves into a powerful monopoly that set prices for goods at will.

So, he asked the Federal Government to either keep a closer eye on them or give more people permission to get into the business.

“Right now, the Enugu zone is full of product, but it will be hard to guarantee a steady supply and a fair price when our members run out of stock, especially with what’s going on at the source,” Anyaso said.

Author: Saint innocent

Head admin and content editor.

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