Who Killed TIMOTHY ADEGOKE? – The Untold Story About The Murder Of OAU MBA Student At Hilton Hotels

Timothy Adegoke in Hilton Hotels


It is no news that a student of Obafemi Awolowo University was gruesomely murdered at Hilton hotels premises in Ile-Ife. There are however new reports about the victim – Timothy Adegoke, the hotel and the owner of the hotel which you might have not come across.

Timothy Adegoke

Timothy Adegoke, according to the reports gathered from family and friends, is the breadwinner of his family and was at the time preparing for his MBA examinations and in anticipation of greater opportunities. His dreams were however, cut short by his untimely death.

In an unconfirmed statement, Timothy left Abuja for Ile-Ife sick and that was the reason why his wife kept calling throughout to check how he was fairing although, according to some sources, the autopsy carried out revealed that he was strangled to death.

Hilton Hotels

News have been flying around town that the owner of the hotel Timothy lodged in, Prince Ramon Adedoyin has a hand in the death of the Student because of some certain reasons. First, because the victim did not only die in the Hilton Hotels but was buried by some of the hotel staff. Ramon Adedoyin has however denied all allegations although still held in police custody. According to him, the first time he heard about the situation was when the police declared the student missing on November 7.

Prince Ramon Adedoyin according to confirmed sources, also owns Oduduwa University Ile-Ife, The polytechnic Ife and several higher institutions in Nigeria and abroad. He was said to have started his jouney as a lesson tutor which indicates that he didn’t get rich overnight as opposed to the rumours that he did money rituals. However, can we totally ignore the sensitive informations passed around town by people, especially Ife indigenes? Along with the aforementioned, Prince Adedoyin is an heir to the Ooni’s throne and we gathered that he was the current Ooni of Ife’s opponent before the latter ascended the throne and as much as we do not want to point accusing fingers at anybody, we cannot neglect the voice of the people. It is established that Prince Adedoyin got wealthy through years of labour and hardwork but some things still do not add up.

Timothy lodged in the hotel between October 22 and November 6 and was declared missing after he could not be reached and was not present for his exam. The victim’s body has however been found. There are different stories about where and how his body was found. Some said he was found outside osun state while some said his body was found in the hotel premises but both schools of thoughts agreed that the victim’s body was already dismembered by the time it was found.

It was also gathered that Timothy lodged in room 305 which had a different bedsheet from the other rooms and that the receptionist denied checking him into the hotel before she was arrested. It was also said that one of the hotel staff known as “Alfa” was directly involved in the murder because Timothy’s phone was tracked to where he was at Ejigbo. Some indigenes have mentioned that three other corpses of unknown people have been buried in the hotel premises.

Why was Timothy’s body buried in the hotel premises? Why was his phone found in Ejigbo? Why did the receptionist deny seeing him before investigations got intensified? Who killed Timothy?

We hope that a lot concerning Timothy’s death will be unraveled and questions will be answered as we await the result of the police investigation. We also hope that the perpetrators will be brought to book and justice will not only be done but be seen to be done.


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