Why does Almustapha want to be Buhari’s Successor

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (retd), the Action Alliance’s (AA) presidential candidate, said he wants to be the nation’s leader in 2023 in order to reposition the nation.
Major Hamza Al-Mustapha (retired), who oversaw security under the late General Sani Abacha, claimed that a number of indicators indicate that the nation has been spiraling downward ever since the Muhammadu Buhari administration took office in 2015.

Al-Mustapha stated that he is re-running for president in 2023 in response to numerous requests from Nigerians because of his enthusiasm and love for his country.

This was said by him on Friday during his guest appearance on Politics Today on Channels Television.

Al-Mustapha asserted that, contrary to popular belief, he did not run for president in order to profit financially.

He said: “I decided this time around to answer to the calls of many Nigerian elders and younger ones from the North to the South and numerous associates with whom I have worked with, to accept the call and to contest.

“The passion we have for this country is much more in the sense that the challenges we face yesterday and the deep appreciation for where we are today is for only those who truly care.

“It is that sense of awareness, that commitment driven by the energy of patriotism that brought us to the fore to face politics.

“For the last seven years since I came out of prison, we have been undertaking research in and out of Nigeria, and our findings are extremely disturbing.

“What every committed Nigerian should do right now is to understand the enormity of the problems facing Nigeria

“The new world order is changing and we are not changing, the world is running with the moon and we are not, people are flying with the wind and we are not; time has changed and we remain stagnant.”

Author: Saint innocent

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