Why I always wear sexual dress – Actress, Caroline Igben

Why I always wear sexual dress – were the shocking revelation of controversial nollywood actress, Caroline Igben as she talks about her lifestyle and also what her fashion taste is all about


According to the disclosure of the Actress, Caroline Igben, she noted that isn’t an intentional act from her as she just dresses in whatever she feels comfortable.


In the words of her mouth, she noted “I have always worn whatever I feel comfortable in. It just happened. I did not notice on time. People just used to say my dress style is senxual”


“It didn’t start out intentionally. I pen my wardrobe and whatever I feel looks good on me, I wear it. However, I realise that because I am in the public space”


She further went on to add “I have to be intentional about what I wear,’ she shared during her media briefing with the Punch


Author: Saint innocent

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