Why I’m Scared Of Settling Down – Actress, Peju Johnson Opens Up

Why I’m Scared Of Settling Down – Actress, Peju Johnson Opens Up

Ever since popular Nigerian actress Peju Johnson made her debut in Nollywood, she has continued to soar like the eagle.

In this interview, the light-skinned script interpreter, who recently released her first movie, PJ (Pelumi Jonathan), opened up on her career, love life, challenges and lots more.

Enjoy it:

As you age gracefully, what are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to a better life and future. I want to be able to achieve my dreams, with somebody’s son finding me, settling down, and having my own family. I am really looking up to all that.

How soon should we expect the wedding bells?

This year! I really hope and pray so because I want it to happen soon.

Is there any pressure on you from home to settle down with a man?

No pressure at all from home. My mum is a very loving woman. She is understanding, and won’t force or rush me into taking a wrong decision because she knows everything happens at the right time and God’s time is the best. Although, she asks once in a while, she’s never pressurising me.

What’s your ideal man?

Hmmm… I love a loving, tall, dark, caring, romantic and respectful man. Most importantly, he must be God fearing because if a man can fear God, the rest is simple. Nowadays, men don’t even fear themselves not to talk of God.

What would make you reject a suitor?

I can reject a man if he doesn’t have respect for me or for other people. I don’t like men that are disrespectful to women or anyone else at that.

You proudly show off your curves on social media, how do you deal with negative comments?

I don’t give negative people chance in my space. I always respond by blocking them. They are bitter because they have nothing to show, and they are not better than me, or anyone that shows off.

What is the most embarrassing message you have got on Instagram?

Some people call themselves my fans, asking for my price to spend time with them and all, and some sending me pictures of their private parts. Obviously, they are not my fans because anyone that calls himself my fan wouldn’t do such. I always feel embarrassed seeing all those kind of messages on my social media platforms.

What was the bad moment that almost made you dump acting?

It’s working, working and working without getting paid, all because you’re an upcoming actress. At a point, I got tired and wanted to dump acting.

Can you recall your most memorable birthday celebration?

That was when I lost my passport on my birthday and also locked my car key inside the car. It was indeed a memorable day because I was sad all day. I can’t forget that day in a hurry.

Have you ever considered liposuction to enhance your butts?

I have never thought of it for once because I love my body the way it is. I have boobs and ass and they are very moderate. I thank God for these blessings.

So far, what would you say is your greatest achievement this year?

So far, I give glory to God, especially for good health. Although, it’s not really been good, there are so many ups and downs. But I thank God for good health. That is the most important thing.

You got lots of brand endorsements this year, what’s the secret?

I’m hoping and praying to have more and more endorsement deals. There is no secret to it. Just keep doing what you know how to do best. 

Which pays better between brand influencing and movies?

Of course, brand influencing pays more. Movies are really not paying us well.

What’s your take on cheating partners? 

My dear, they are becoming so rampant nowadays. Most people cheat in relationships and its really becoming scary. Cheating partners would always be cheating partners; they hardly change. It’s making me think that love doesn’t exist. I am even scared of settling down.

What would make you forgive a cheating partner?

I can forgive a cheating partner, but I can’t allow him back into my life. I forgive, but I don’t forget. Even, if I allow him back, we won’t enjoy the relationship anymore, because the trust is gone and relationship without trust is useless.

How do you deal with heartbreaks?

I’m a very strong woman. I don’t love often. I hardly love or date. But once I do, I really love the person. And when they hurt me, I always break down, mentally and emotionally. But once I manage to get up, they are always dead to me. I break down for sometime and get back up, and I would stop dating till I see someone better and worth it.

Between love, sex and money, which comes first for you?

Money comes first because money will not wake up one day and break your heart. I don’t even like sex.

Would you prefer cooking or eating out?

I love cooking. I am a good cook. I eat at home most of the time. So, I prefer cooking to eating out.


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