Why Your Relationships Keep Failing: What You Need To Know To Have A Solid Relationship

Why your relationships keep failing


Have you ever wondered why your relationships don’t last or fail? Do you ever thought that you’re unlucky and nobody likes you? Have you just been served breakfast? Let me share with you the things you should know before going into another relationship so that you can change your story.

What you need to know

          I was under Pastor Enenche‘s ministration some months ago and he spoke on marriage.
Funny enough, these are things we know or have heard at one point or the other but when we constantly keep in touch with that knowledge, it helps us control the decisions we make especially when it comes to who to marry. Let’s journey on.

      First, it’s important to note that decisions that are not easily changeable must not be taken hurriedly. If you buy a cloth or bag, for example, you can return or change almost immediately if you don’t like it but when it comes to marriage, you can never dispose it easily.

     Dear singles, in choosing your life partner, you MUST involve God if you want a happy marriage and family life. That should be the first step you take. Only God knows your future so he knows who can go there with you, he knows who can complement you. He’s aware of your emotions and he knows who can accommodate you. He knows your weaknesses and the person that can balance it with another form of strength. God knows who can accommodate your personality no matter how weird you think you are. He knows everything about you. Why not surrender to some who knows and loves you more than you do. Don’t choose someone just because you love him or because she’s good looking. Well, except you don’t mind what comes your way in your marriage.

Solid Relationship

   Some people say when God gave Adam a wife and he said he sinned cos of the woman God gave him, God stopped giving men wives. That theory is nothing but a lie from the pit of hell! God still gives his children good wives and husbands. The bible says houses and other inheritances are from fathers but a wife is from God. Not all married women are wives and not all married men are husbands so when you choose a life partner without God, what you get is a new housemate and bedmate. And that’s why you should never allow anyone to impose anyone on you. Hear from God yourself!

     A wife is from God, not from your father, mother or prophet. Eyy, wahala for who no fit hear from God. I have heard stories of people who followed their pastor’s prophecy and still ended up having failed marriages. Does that mean there are no true prophet? Absolutely not! There are true prophets out there but they are human and you can never tell if they’re talking based on sentiments or by leading and that’s why you shouldn’t base your life on what your pastor or prophet says. If you do, hehehehe na dummy you be. Until your life becomes a mess, you might not receive sense.

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Learn to walk with God and hear from the holy spirit yourself. That’s the only way to be sure and hold God by his word.


    Marry someone you love. When God chooses for you, you don’t have any problem with love cos God himself is love. He won’t give you someone you don’t love. However, you must be active in your search. Don’t tell God you need a partner and go to sleep. Open your eyes to see where God’s pointing at. If you don’t love that brother or sister, he/she isn’t God’s will for you. God is not boring, love is not boring why should your marriage be? If you’re marrying someone just because they said he/she is God’s will for you when you don’t feel anything, you need to reconsider.

Second, marry your friend or who you can be friendly with. Open your eyes, don’t marry the crazy person you feel is God’s will for you. God no dey give nonsense abeg. When all he/she does is to scabash and is not even ready to play with anyone, my brother and sister, run o. Not all tonguing sisters and brothers are tonguing for God o. Don’t let them get you.
Let’s put in mind that marriage is not a child’s play and who you marry in most cases determines who and what you become eventually. If you marry the wrong person, frustration might become your second name and it’s that energy you bear in other areas of your life. Your partner can either make or Mar you so you now know that you must be extra careful.

    Third, don’t marry out of pity or sympathy. Don’t pity that brother or sister if you don’t love or can’t accommodate their excesses. Don’t marry cos you feel they have suffered or you have been together for years.

If you’re not feeling the brother or sister, please let them go, trust me, they’ll be fine eventually. You must consciously choose your wife or husband. Circumstances shouldn’t. That he helped you doesn’t mean you have to pay back by marrying him. Please don’t misquote me o. Not that you know that he’s helping you cos he wants to marry you and you lied that you love him too and when it’s time to get married you let him down. Lol, that’s wickedness sister😂 but I hope you get my point.

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     Fourth, Never marry someone who feels they deserve better than you! Hey brothers and sisters in relationship, I know some of you are in that kind of situation. Kindly reconsider cos they will cheat on you without even feeling bad about it. They’ll keep you because of what they’re gaining from you. They are leeches, run far away from them.

Some people behave as if they are doing you a favour by dating you. They feel they are too good for you. Is that the kind of person you want to end up with? Someone who doesn’t care if you leave. You’ll cry taya inside marriage.

       Marry someone who values you VERY WELL. Ladies, marry someone who is actually chasing you- not for immorality but is really interested and is sure of the blessings attached to getting married to you. Someone who makes you feel on top of the world.
Guys, marry someone who sees you as the real deal, a big deal. A woman who values you will automatically submit and respect you. Even if you’re broke, you should be respected. Don’t create excuses for her if she talks to you like you ain’t shit. Don’t marry someone you have to encourage to marry you. Getting married to you should thrill them.

Finally, marry a lover of God. Someone with a “God first” mentality. Someone who fears God and obeys him. Any man who loves God genuinely will NEVER hit or maltreat his wife. A lover of God will respect his wife and treat her with dignity. A woman who loves God will not see her husband as an equal or competitor.
A woman who loves God will submit to her husband and honour him. Such a woman will not see her husband as trash even if he’s not capable of providing for the family.

A person who loves God will not only find it hard to cheat on you- He/she won’t even consider such in the first place.
A lover of God is not known by the way they worship in church cos we have a lot of pretenders out there but through the holy spirit and that brings us back to our kneels in prayer to God for a life mate.


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