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women ethics


My name is Daramola Olamide, popularly known as Charex. I am law graduate, entrepreneur, feminist and women advocate. I will be putting ladies/women across the globe on the right ethics and the basic measures to being a perfect woman for your man. This is a very long discussion, however – it’s going to be in series.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. I’m grateful for being a woman. I mean, our way of life is so interesting that even men acknowledge it. According to wikipedia, the word woman is a general language for every female so I am directly pointing to females whether you are a teenager, young adult, adult, married or unmarried. It takes a whole lots to being a perfect woman.

We’re art in its entirety. From our external features,  mood swings, menstruation, softness, kindness and other things that differentiate us from the male gender, you would agree that naturally, we’re not supposed to lead a boring life.

It’s however sad that most women don’t understand what makes them women and pleasing to people especially their partners.

Some women go as far as seeing other women as better than they are. While this is true for someone who hasn’t put in any work or effort to make her life better, it is important to note that we all have a great chance at become whatsoever we want to become. Only two things separate/differentiate us – work and result.

Today we’re going to start from the scratch, from the source and I’ll be linking this talk to marriage and relationship. My write ups are conversational so you’ll find me directing some things to you. See my archive here to read many other articles by me.

Just know that I’m not being rude, it’s just my style of writing and I reflects it on the basic measures to constantly being a perfect woman for your man.

By “scratch”, I mean personal values and hygiene. I believe there’s no teenager reading this that needs to be taught what puberty is. However, I’m 100% sure that a lot of women still don’t dig the personal hygiene thing.

Look, I don’t know what’s going on in your marriage or relationship but one of the fastest ways to lose your man to another woman is what we’re talking about. Let’s be real, no man wants to deal with a dirty woman. Some women think being dirty is limited to having an unkempt look and extreme foul smell so they patch things up and appear neat.

For ladies that are sexually active, men perceive a lot. If you’re not sexually active but your man touches you in a sexual manner, I’m talking to you too.

Wait, why must you even wait until you’re sexually active before you take your hygiene seriously? It’s your health we’re talking about here.

Chances are that your man has started seeing someone else or is thinking of dumping you if you’re dirty.

So as a married woman, instead of wasting your time going from mountain to mountain, praying that God brings back your husband to you, you should make a check-list of the things I’ll be discussing throughout the week.

Check your armpit, private part, hair, nails, lips, skin, ear, underwear, etc and rate yourself. At this point I think the best thing for you is to be honest with yourself.

Spirikoko sisters, these are the things your church won’t teach you. I’ve had a number of experiences with spirikoko sisters and all I can say is that the Lord is good!


Some of you don’t shave your armpits at all and some do but not until someone calls their attention to it. Some ladies don’t know how to bathe. Some don’t wash important places.

When last did you wash your anus region or you don’t know that it smells? You wash your vagina and leave your anus. And doggy is your favorite position, come on sister.

This is the end of part 1, catch up on the next till the concluding parts.

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