“You’re still the one for me” – IK Osakioduwa and his wife, Olohije celebrate 14th wedding anniversary

“You’re still the one for me” – were the sweet words of media anchor and Tv host IK
Osakioduwa as he joins his wife in the person of Olohije to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary.

Ik Osakioduwa geared up this whole celebration as he took to his Instagram handle to caption some cute photos of him and his wife showing how far they have come.

In his words, “So that’s how we’ve been married now for 14years? Wow! We are almost becoming a serious couple oh. I remember when first mentioned marriage to you. I told yyou then that “I could see us being friends for the rest of our lives”.


“I’m really excited that 14years down, still feel the same way. Nothing has changed (apart from the colour of your hair: every month). You’re still the one for me (even with your ‘skoin skoin’)”

“Let’s keep this thing going. Let’s keep talking to each other, listening to each other, learning everyday about ourselves and who we are becoming. Also let’s take more pictures together”


“I realised we definitely don’t have enough. Let’s even go to studios to do photo shoots. I love you Weed. Here’s to FOREVER”. He shared

Author: Saint innocent

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